Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Happened

Okay so it has been a little while since I posted. What is that saying? I think it goes something like this . . . "life is what happens when you are making plans" Well, life happened to me for a little bit and now I am ready to blog. And as the heroine in my newest novel THE UPLANDERS would say, "I know we are going to have a wonderful journey together. I feel it in my center."

So to update you all on the writing journey . . . I finished my first Y/A fantasy novel in October. It is the first book of a series I have planned, and after I finished writing it I wondered where fantasy had been all my life . . . I loved the story that much!

Publication is also pending on that one but if you are just burning to read more of my work (and I hope you are) keep checking I have a profile there and I will soon be posting pages of my newest story. It will be in the Y/A, romance/chick lit genre and so far it promises to be a real raucous good time. It is called, MY EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES ON GA GA ISLAND. It is about a girl who makes an impossible wish over her seventeenth birthday cake and turns her whole life upside down.

You will be able to read it unedited as I write it. That should be an interesting experience for both of us don't you think--Elizabeth Hathenbruck raw and uncensored. How scary is that?

Oh, by the way the adoption agency had to be put on hold for the time being. I will keep you posted on my dreams of helping little children find families somehow, someway, or somewhere, as it unfolds.


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